Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Watch OuT!!!!!

Dont look down of me just bcoz im a cat!!!

Talk... Play..... Love......

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Hee ... So What?

So hee so cute...
although she's not my fav member in wonder girls but i think she got talent...
but not singing... she not a good singer... just in my opinian okey...
born 27/06/1992.. she already famous in a young age huh...

GuRLyLiCiOuS PrOdUcT......

hey guys... just visit my friend's blog here
I know a lot of girls will interested with this item...
how about boys?
Dont worry... I will give u this blogger hp number if u interested..
hahahaha.. just kidding Fatin....

YuMmY.. YuMmY.... IcE CrEaM PhONe

The Ice Cream Phone 2 LU 1600 come with 15mm thickness LG clamshell phone design and the interesting feature is the pastel tone colors light when you receive a call. It can shine on the front panel phone with cute emoticons like heart and smiling face. It’s a really cute innovation from LG.
The LU1600 support EVDO Revision A mobile broadband and the other features like T-DMB, internet connection, e-dictionary function and many more. It will come in 3 different colors: Blue Sky, Snow White and Peach Pink with price 400,000 KRW and 500,000 KRV via LG Telecom.
Yargh!!! want to buy it.. Big bang... buy for me yaeh....

Darkness Eyes...

剥がれ落ちてく 偽りの破片(カケラ)
僕は 弱さに 隠れて出口のない
苦悩抱え乾いた世界 佇(たたず)
んでる心 深く 枯れた感情
夢の狭間(はざま) 彷徨(さまよ)い続け
昨日 今日も 明日も 見えない 答えを探して僕は... 僕は...
一体 何処(どこ)へと 行(ゆ)
けばいいのそっと 触ったら すぐに
(壊れる)無常な優しさなど 必要(い)
らない(嘘ついて)重い心の 扉閉めた
I JUST 僕は今 脆(もろ)さに 浸(ひた)
るよ罪悪の エゴイズムで高く 阻(はば)
む 闇の 砦(とりで)
瞳 閉じて 微笑んでる
折れ曲がった感情 僕を邪魔しているんだ僕は... 僕は...
答え見えない 絶望の中出口のない
苦悩抱え乾いた世界 佇(たたず)
んでる心 深く 枯れた感情
夢の狭間(はざま) 彷徨(さまよ)い続け
昨日 今日も 明日も 見えない 答えを探して僕は... 僕は...
一体 何処(どこ)へと 行(ゆ)けばいいの......

Translator's Notes -
This song was rather challenging, definitely moreso than Kiss shita mama. I also hope my notes make sense... I feel they're a little more... scattered perhaps?....than last time o.O For this song I'm not sure if I could even write a general interpretation. But I do think you can probably get the idea with the notes, so read away ^^
Here, I took 出口のない 苦悩抱え as individual of each other. This may actually be incorrect, but for some reason it felt right and I just... like it this way? The verb 抱える (kakaeru) means 'to carry, to have' etc. I chose the word 'bear' as I feel it helps create a feeling of being burdened with something.
Here, I chose to incorporate the 'seek in (the) dark' into the meaning of the sentence rather than have it be an afterthought. Once again, this is just how I took the meaning. I also thought of the sentence as having particles the lyrics did not include. Rather than translate 心 深く 枯れた感情 in order, where it would be (literally) 'heart deeply withered feelings,' I decided to treat is more as 心の深く (deep in the/my heart). Honestly, I'm not sure how to explain why I chose to do it this way. If someone else who knows Japanese can tell me that this is totally wrong, I'll change it. It made sense in my head, but I'm just one, non-native-and-still-learning person ^^;;; Also, with 'yume no hazama,' I took it as actually being within a dream. I feel this mirrors the feelings of being lost and struggling already present in the song. Like being stuck in a nightmare I guess. As for the repetition of where, this was merely stylistic. In the song, the word 僕 (boku) meaning ' I ' is repeated. However, in English, I think this almost stumbling feeling is better conveyed with the repetition of an adverb versus the subject.In this verse, I took the subject of the touching to be kindness. I got the impression that since the 'door to (his) heart' is closed, that includes an inability to accept kindness. Particularly, as mentioned, a fleeting or uncertain kindness. 無常 can mean uncertain, it can also mean fleeting. I think the general idea is that he believe this kindness being offered won't last, so there's no point. Rather than that, he wants to hear a lie, perhaps because at least that's something he's used to. Also, I found the word 脆さ (morosa) to be rather difficult to work with here. Literally, it would be something like fragility or brittleness, which doesn't work particularly well in this sentence. It also carries with it a sense of being easily moved. So, I sort of combined the idea of being easily swayed and fragile and decided that weakness sort of worked XD But silliness aside, I think it works with the overall tone of the song; the idea that kindness is short lived, agony is long lasting, and that he's a weak person for being unable to accept kindness (love even?) and just wallows in these thoughts about himself and the darkness in which he resides (the sin of egoism?).
Once again, I brought the 'seek in the dark' into the sentence. Also, I sort of... reworded the sentence? Rather than take it literally as something like 'greatly obstructing fortress of darkness,' I played with the wording a bit. I also figured if it's hidden in darkness, shrouded in shadow got across similar emotion but has a more poetic ring in English.
Once again, as with the previous 'I seek in the dark' verse, I'm not sure if my interpretation (and assumption of particles) actually remains true to the intended meaning. It just felt like it worked, so any insight on this line would be appreciated. As for the eye closing, smiling, and feelings bending to and fro, that part was interesting. I took it as (him) feeling conflicted, torn perhaps between accepting this darkness and wanting a way out. 折れ曲った would mean 'bent back and forth' but I think the idea is that he's uncertain and his feelings keep changing.As there are no official lyrics for this part, it's entirely by ear.
The first time I listened I actually heard "Myself with broken heart" where I now have 'My stupid broken heart" but meh. Any thoughts on this are welcome.

Tight, tired, tizzy schedule !!!!!!

I just want more time to have fun.. but time is cruel to me huh? haha..
esok ade test ekonomi malysia.. doakan supaya aq tidak lagi mengalami fasa menderita menjawab paper ecomal.. please help me yeah..
Khamis ni akan ku menjejakkan kaki ke kota selatan untuk rombongan kelas ecomal ku.. hmmmmm.. tidaklah terasa terlalu gembira tetapi inilah kali pertama ku berjalan-jalan dgn rakan seperjuangan aku secara beramai-ramai... harapan ku hanyalah tidak sampai fasa mematahkan kaki aku sahaja....
Hari jumaat , Mitec akan bermula.. dimanakah aku berada pada masa itu? membuai mimpi indah di bilik? ohhh.. tidak....
Hari sabtu dan ahad, akan ke tempuhi modul part 4... sungguh membosankan...
Hari Isnin adalah hari yang kunanti-nanti kan... hahaha.. Mock meeting bermula dgn kumpulanku akan jadi pembukaan.. as finance department, what should i say?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Im NoT A HaRd WoRkIng GirlZZZ....

Fasa memerah otak sudahpun berlalu. Kini, tinggal lagi fasa seterusnya iaitu fasa menyesal sampai air mata berdarah utk menerima markah test yg sudah berlalu tadi....
adakah aku akan menyesal? mungkin ya.... tapi malngnya hanya untuk seminit sahaja..
mane perginya semangat aku utk belajar fin? adakah ianya terbang? adakah ianye berenang meyeberangi lautan china selatan? adakah ianye terbunuh? huh... sungguh fantasi....
Yang penting, aku tidak berusaha dgn bersungguh-sungguh seperti pergi ke medan perang... aku telah mengabaikan masa aku dgn benda2 tidak berfaedah.
semoga aku bersemangat utk menghadapi test ecomal minggu hadapan...
aku mahu menghadapi zaman kegemilangan bukannye zaman kegelapan ku.....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

BinG BaNg & MiKa NaKaShImA In SeGaMat!!

hahahaha... terkejut tak?
sebanarnye arie nie aku g outing ngan family aku kat giant segamat...
tibe2 terdengar lagu big bang; haru-haru and mika nakashima .....
tak sangka lagu2 korea dah berkembang kat shopping complex.....
lpas nie , aku nak kembangkan lagu korea kat pasar2 pulak......
mesti ramai giler nak g pasar semata-mata nak dgr lagu big bang.....
TOP ... sarang he yo......

Saturday, February 14, 2009

aKu Dan SeKaranG... VeRsI AmIrA

13 senarai aku dan sekarang.....

1)Sekarang aku selalu membazir.mungkin sebab aku selalu outing
2)Sekarang aku demam. Kesan akibat test law.
3)sekarang aku suke bangun lambat.Sebab aku minum nescafe Ibu buat.. terseksa....
4)sekarang aku selalu buli roomate aku dayah. Sebab best giler....
5)sekarang tasya(roomate) pulak suka buli aku.sebab jeles aku comel sangat.
6)sekarang aku x lapar tapi kuat makan.Nak habiskan duit dining.. ikut ckp ayah aku.
7)Sekarang bilik aku ade printing service tp printer rosak.First day beroperasi tp dah rosak awal2..hahaha
8)sekarang aku nak kurangkan bukak laptop. Tapi sangat mustahil......
9)Sekarang aku nak kumpul duit. Nak beli cd banyak2 sampai mak aku mengamuk.
10)sekarang aku nak ucapkan tahniah kat ayah aku coz dapat anugerah cemerlang kali ke2. Tapi ayah aku kate segan giler nak amik... poyos!!!!
11)Sekarang aku nak berlatih memandu CRV kat bandar.. alone... mungkin ngan kengkawan..
12)Sekarang semua ade masalah cinta kecuali aku. Ummul, ko dah terkeluar... sori.. haha...
13)Sekarang aku nak tido .coz dah ngantok.....

Fuhh... letihnyer pikir.......
Odah x nak wat ker?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KeMbAr lain Mak Bapak!!!!

Cube korang bandingkan..

adik ipar ku...... ahaks!!!!!


MaNgKuK HaYuN!!!!!

pnjam mangkuk sehari pon nak mengamok x tentu pasal....
P***** tol arr bdk tue......
berharge sgt ke mangkok ko??????
x suke... x suke....... x suke!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

MaRkET MySeLf....... laku tak?

wish me luck for my test tonight.........
good luck my friends...... chaiyok!!!!!!
wish me good luck too.........
mari kite ramai2 market kan diri sendiri malam nie.......

Wednesday, February 4, 2009












Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Most KoRea'S MoSt BeauTiFul WoMen??

ThaTs ME!!!!!

hahahahaha.... just joking......

sape yg tgh makan tue jgn termuntah balik.......
here the list:
1. Kim Taehee

2. Lee Youngae

3. Han Gain

4. Song Hyekyo

5. Kim Heesun

6. Son Yejin

7. Han Yeseul

8. Jun Jihyun

9. Kim Hyesoo

10. Shim Eunha

I don't really agree with the rest of the list, Lee Hyori needs to be on there and so does
bae sul gi...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

meteor garden overload!!!!!!

Taiwan Version....................

Japanese Version.......................

Korean version......
Next will be Malaysian Version.........
and of course.....
the heroin is me!!!!!!